Money-Back Guarantee

Our Quality Assurance Team has been working extensively to ensure that clients get their refunds when they want in case something goes wrong. The team undertakes an investigation whenever there is a breach of service delivery from the writers.

What you need to do:

The process of investigation is quite simple from your end. You simply need to contact our Support Team via a live chat or a phone and explain the difficulties you are experiencing with your order. We prefer that you call directly to be precise about the issue as it may take a complex turn if the conversation is based on comments. Comments take a long time to be reviewed, which makes your request for money back extended.

As soon as you call and share details of your cancellation request, the order will then be moved to the investigation department. Once it is moved there, the order is put on hold and no activity can take place regarding the order.

What we do:

We engage in a complex process, which might take up to 3 business days to clear the cancelation request. Here is what our team does:

  • Examine the details of your cancelation request as forwarded by the Support Team
  • Check the order’s initial requirements i.e. description, topic, deadline, attached materials, and any other detail that might be useful in arbitrating this dispute
  • Check the chat history that you have with the writer
  • Examine the paper provided by the writer
  • Compare the complaint against the paper submitted by the writer
  • Use the results of the findings to determine whether the case is admissible for a refund (check our refund policy below)
  • If yes, the money that you put on the order will be refunded to your account as per the refund policy to be used for future orders. It is up to you to decide if you want the money to be used in the future or use one of the withdrawal options to access your money
  • After the resolution, we will share a detailed report of the dispute via your registered email
  • Implement disciplinary measures against the writer.

The objective of our investigation is to ensure that our clients get the money if the fault is from our side. We do this as part of our policy to guarantee our customers an impressive service delivery every time they choose to work with us.

Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is precise and customers can easily know if they are eligible or not. Here are the basic strands that will explain all that you need to know about our Refund Policy.

How does it work?

Refund requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis because of the unique reasons why clients may want a refund. In ensuring that the policy is not abused, we may ask for additional evidence to show that the work delivered is of poor quality, e.g. scanned copies of your supervisor’s feedback, plagiarism report, etc. If you feel that you need a refund, we will proceed to take your case to our investigation department where the Quality Assurance Department (QA) will compare their findings against your complaints to take the right measures. The QA has the sole discretion to determine the amount to be refunded based on its evaluation of the quality of the paper presented for investigation.

How do I complain?

It is very easy to launch a complaint with the Support Team. You can reach us via the provided email, telephone, live chat, or message board. Any of the methods work though we recommend a phone call to expedite the process. The writer also has to be included in the communication for a fair investigation. If you don’t any of the mentioned channels of communication within the Refund Period, the company shall have no obligation to honor your request.

What is Refund Period?

It is the period that begins on the deadline day of the order and expires on the last day of the Refund Period. We have 3 business days as our Refund Period, in which you may file a case to seek a refund if you are unhappy with the outcome of the order. Once the Refund Period elapses, you may not be eligible for any refund.

When am I eligible to get 100% back?

  1. When your order has not been assigned to any writer. You can cancel and get a full refund;
  2. If you have paid twice for the same order accidentally. The second payment will be refunded after you have confirmed it was erroneous.
  3. It is important to contact the Support Team immediately before we assume that you want two identical orders to be done by our writers;

  4. If the order is sent after the deadline indicated and you no longer need the paper. You can request a full refund if you have not downloaded the paper. You do not own the rights to the paper if you request a full refund;
  5. If the paper is not satisfactory by up to 70%. This is dependent on the mistakes made by the writer;
  6. The level of plagiarism exceeds 10% as indicated by a reliable plagiarism check system like Turnitin.

When am I eligible for a partial refund?

  1. Up to 70% – if you cancel an ongoing order before its deadline when the order has lasted for less than half of its allocated time*;
  2. Up to 50% – if you cancel an ongoing order before its deadline when the order has lasted for more than half of its allocated time*;
  3. Up to 70% – if you receive a late order and request to use it despite the late delivery;
  4. Up to 70% – if the instructions were not fully followed but the paper can be used;
  5. Up to 70% – if the paper was considerable unsatisfactory
  6. Up to 70% – if a Writer sends a late paper and You download it;

Are there any cases when no refund is possible?

  1. If you accept the order and the money is released to the writer;
  2. In case the order is delivered on time and you delay to download it;
  3. If you get a low score of the order. This remains a subjective matter provided the instructions were followed;
  4. If you are caught using Our Service (if you submit a paper written by our writer to your professor);
  5. If you claim the paper is plagiarized but do not provide any evidence;
  6. If you simply state that the paper is not satisfactory without providing evidence;
  7. If the order is late because you had not provided materials to help the writer proceed and you could not be reached via contacts provided;
  8. Any damages that may arise when using our website such as computer malfunction, system errors, etc.
  9. Papers such as mathematics that require calculations. You can get a partial refund if a writer scores less than 50% on multiple-choice questions.