Revision Policy

In some cases, customers may require some alterations in the submitted paper. We understand this need as academic papers are dynamic and changes might be needed from time to time. In this light, we provide free revisions based on the simple conditions set. Check out our conditions here:

Requesting revision: You need to submit a formal request for modification via our “request revision” button, which is available on your order page. Avoid messaging the writer directly if you want our support for modification. We also understand that some minor amendments might be requested directly by a repeat customer to a requested writer.

Deadline for requesting revisions:

You can request revisions even after approving your order. However, you should note that there is a 10-day period after the order deadline or order approval by you to initiate a change request. You can be eligible for a 14-days grace period if your order is equal to 20 pages or more.

You should also be aware that a small fee may be charged if you require a substantial amendment from the original paper. The fee, which is determined by our quality assurance team, will be charged on the complexity and length of the correction. We have operators who are ready to help you calculate fee estimates.

Request for revisions after the deadline

If a request is made beyond the 10 or 14 days after order approval, the modification will require the customer to place a new order. The order should be placed using the edit/rewriting service module.

However, we may extend the deadline if the order allows for an extension of revision deadlines. This is part of our core customer service approach that looks at promoting the interests of the customers.

Revision Major Service

In case a revision shared has a set of instructions that are different from the original order’s instructions, it will be charged as a “Revision Major” service. The scope of this service includes but is not limited to changing the perspective of the paper, conducting different research, showing discontent with the content without a justifiable reason, and impending amendments to a paper that would constitute 60%-100% extra effort, which is primarily measured by increase or change in the number of words by a similar percentage range.

This service is offered at 60% of the selected word count and deadline. It is a fixed price.